RouteGenie is the powerful NEMT software

The non-emergency medical service is becoming more and more popular. While government help is too busy and sometimes late for calls, NEMTs are less busy. Therefore, we believe in the success of non-emergency medical transportation services. Moreover, we want to improve their performance and this is the reason why we are here.

RouteGenie is a powerful software for NEMT companies. It has a lot of advantages and suits both small and large projects. Our service is based on coming up with routing, billing, and scheduling. We believe our project was created to help people. 

What benefits of using RouteGenie?

We came up with the best services provided for NEMT companies. Our software deals with daily changes and challenges. So what will bring a benefit using our non-emergency medical transportation software?

  • Firstly, we use a strategy of reducing fuel costs and vehicle repairs. This means that we choose the best and short-distance path for the destination. We help you to save time and, therefore, money;
  • Being late for the destination is always a bad thing because clients are waiting for medical care. To avoid such unpleasant situations, we always carefully plan a schedule, adjusting it to customer requests;
  • We help companies to choose the right vehicle every time, considering the capacity of each car. In this case, you can choose our function DispatchGenie. We provide the best vehicle, considering the passenger needs;
  • By the way, drivers can communicate with dispatchers anytime, anywhere. RouteGenie will always be careful and help you in case of vehicle breakdowns, add-on trips, no-shows, cancellations, traffic problems, or something else. Moreover, we monitor the road and choose the best way to get to the destination on time.

NEMT companies always need additional help to keep their deals in order. We can help you achieve success with a robust NEMT dispatch software solution. Contact us!