How to immigrate to the USA?

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There are many ways to get a Green Card and feel like real Americans. The USA is a free country with perfect people. Your life has become amazing. Many people are interested in moving to the USA, looking for different information, and dream of getting a better experience. We already told you about marriage to US citizens. Today we speak about a political asylum and family reunification.

What about It is the easiest method to get your dream. But you should be careful because your application will be verified only with documental proofs of your problem. The most popular reason to apply is belonging to the LGBT group. Lately, such a problem is relevant in many countries, so be sure that the USA will protect you. You can enter into a same-sex marriage in this country, and no one will be surprised. Unfortunately, there are many problems with racial discrimination all over the world. No one will laugh at you because of your skin color. The USA is a country of a variety of human worldviews and appearances. The next reason is the religious difference in your country. You should remember that no one can be judged for his faith. America has an entirely different mentality than in other countries.

How to get American citizenship with family reunification help?

If you have a relative who is a US citizen, you can get a green card through a family petition. But pay attention that the relative should be your mother, father, sister,  brother, or spouse. If you have an American grandmother, for example, it will not help you. Your American relative should submit the following forms: I-130, I-485, I-864. The most important thing is who you are for relative. For instance, children under 21 and the spouse of an American citizen can get a green card almost immediately (6-12 months). Children over 21 years old, sisters and brothers wait much longer, and the waiting line can be 10-25 years depending on the degree of relationship. The disadvantage of such a way is a Tramp’s politics because family immigration can become less significant. Among the advantages are a simple procedure, low cost, and low requirements for an immigrant.

So you got knowledge about another way to move to America. There are more than enough people who want to move to the States legally. Make the right choice and be happy!