How to Help Our Planet

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At all stages of human development, man had a close connection with the environment. But since a highly industrialized society appeared, the dangerous human intervention in nature has sharply increased. The scope of this intervention has expanded; it has become more diverse and now threatens to become a global danger to humanity. The consumption of non-renewable raw materials is increasing. Man has to intervene more and more in the economy of the biosphere – that part of our planet in which life exists. The Earth’s biosphere is currently undergoing an increasing anthropogenic impact. This impact on the earth’s crust is accompanied by: rejection of arable land or a decrease in their fertility; excessive saturation with toxic substances; groundwater pollution. It takes place especially in landfills and wastewater discharge.

How to raise money on waste

Few plants today are not interested in the opportunity to have additional income. If you belong to the category of plants who strives to get additional profit, then recycling may be a good option for you.

GreenPower knows how to process different types of raw materials: waste of agricultural industry, other biomass, fine coal waste, hazardous waste and MSW, nutshell, seeds of fruit trees, forestry, woodworking and plant waste, waste of polymers and rubber goods, etc. GreenPower units are mobile and fully autonomous; they do not require any connections from external networks. There is no open burning process and no harmful emissions into the environment in GreenPower technology. GreenPower is an excellent solution that can clean our Planet from numerous garbage dumps. As a result you will get: charcoal from various wood species, nut shells, different plant waste; bio-char; briquettes from charcoal and coal; liquid products of pyrolysis, electrical energy, activated carbon, thermal energy, etc.      We develop environmentally friendly equipment, improving our products. Let’s change the environment for better together. Contact GreenPower.