How to choose a coffee table with material and shape?

How to choose a coffee table with material and shape? post thumbnail image

A coffee table is an element of the interior which is used for the vase with flowers, books, magazines, souvenirs, and computes. A coffee table is always put into the living room. Such furniture highlights the room and it looks more interesting. Finally, you can invite guests and have a cup of coffee or tea in the living room. Today we speak about choosing a coffee table and we will give you some tips.

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Which rules should be considered when choosing a coffee table?

It is not an easy choice. To make the interior harmonious and pleasant you need to know some rules. We collected the best tips.

  1. A wooden table is easy-to-use, pleasant to the touch, but expensive. Such a table doesn’t tolerate moisture well and there may be a dent on it. But the wooden table is a real classic, it complements any interior besides a hi-tech. Wood species such as cherry, oak, beech, alder, pine, aspen, walnut, and birch are best for the coffee table. Valuable species like wenge, dark walnut, rattan are used to create the expensive and elite coffee tables;
  1. The glass table has an original look and can make the room more spacious visually. It is affordable and scratch-proof. At the same time, glass is cold to the touch and is less durable than wood, metal, and stone. Don’t put such a table if you have kids. Glass table will suit perfectly for any style, including a hi-tech;
  1. The shape of the table may be round, triangular, oval, square, rectangular, and others. If you want to highlight the interior and make it more interesting you should choose an unusual table design. If you make a minimalist design it is desirable to choose simple models like square or rectangular. The round coffee table can save space and it will be a great way if you have little kids because there are no angles. 

Choosing a coffee table isn’t difficult as can seem from the first sight. Just remember our tips!