Everything you need to know about VPS Hosting

Everything you need to know about VPS Hosting post thumbnail image

VPS is a type of web hosting. To place a website on the Internet, you will need to place the necessary files on the server. Setting up and managing a server is a complex and expensive process. Paying for hosting services, average users get a place on the server and are able to host websites on the network without resorting to installing the server, since they only need to download the necessary files to the server itself. Web hosting can be divided into three types:

      1. Shared hosting

      2. VPS hosting

      3. Dedicated Server hosting

      What unites these types of hosting is that they provide users with a place to host their own websites. They differ from each other in installation methods, available characteristics and the degree of customization available to the user.

      Benefits of VPS Hosting in Canada from HostZealot

      The main advantage is the price of a shared hosting and the level of power and control inherent in a dedicated server.

      1. Confidentiality – since you do not share the operating system with anyone, there are no other users on the server who could access your files.

      2. Custom settings – choosing a VPS server, you get at your complete disposal an individual operating system. It also means that you will be able to use all kinds of server applications, including Apache, PHP and MySQL. If you need to improve these programs, you can configure the server yourself based on your own preferences.

      3. Control – even if you install applications on the server that require a restart of the system, you can safely carry out your plan at any time. Technically speaking, of course you continue to share the physical server with other VPS servers, but nevertheless, rebooting your dedicated server will not negatively affect the rest.

      4. Dedicated resources – by choosing a VPS server, you will always have certain amounts of RAM and processor resources available. Unlike shared hosting, no one will take away the resources of your server at the moments when you need them so much!      If you have any difficulties or doubts about finding a tariff for VPS hosting Canada, please contact us at any time. HostZealot specialists are ready to advise you absolutely free of charge on your questions and we will be glad to see you among our favorite clients.